Ximena Duque

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Ximena Duque knew early on in life that acting was her calling. At 12 years old, she was already training for her career, studying the craft and taking speech lessons.

Her passion has led her to participate successfully in numerous telenovelas. In 2014, her excellent portrayal of the main villain in the telenovela “Santa Diabla” earned her a “Tu Mundo” award in the category of Best Antagonist. Since then, this Colombian mother and actress has continued to grow in her profession by acting in several TV productions, including a special role in the famous soap opera Days of our Lives.

Ximena’s only son Cristán has been her tireless companion during physical training sessions, basketball games and strolls along the beach, accompanied by their beloved pet Oreo.
Her ‘joie de vivre’, warmth, dedication, passion and devotion have won the hearts of many fans, and Ximena is definitely an inspiration for all her followers.

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