The Morning Routine Wake-Up: 7 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated Every Morning

May 12, 2020

Everyone wants to hop out of bed with some zip to get a jump on the day. Oftentimes, many of us fail. The fact is, morning motivation takes work –and is something you need to refresh and renew–every day. Doing so can lay an important groundwork for a more productive, joyful day.

According to experts, when you’re motivated, it feels like you have the necessary energy to take over the world. But when you lack motivation, even getting out of bed is a struggle; accomplishing your goals simply feels impossible. Just because you may not consider yourself to be a “morning person” doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple tricks to self-motivate your morning.

Here are 7 tips for how to motivate yourself and ensure your day starts off with Olympian zest.

  • Don't Hit Snooze


    Few things will zap your motivation faster than letting your warm, comfortable bed keep you captive. Getting out of bed early is the key to overhauling your morning routine. With more time, you are free to develop motivating habits and actually enjoy a morning free from the pressure of having to rush out the door.

  • Motivate With Music


    Listening to your favorite motivational tunes first thing in the morning is a classic way to shake off the fog of sleep and put you into the right AM mindset. Music helps to create an atmosphere that is fun and upbeat, which is absolutely required when getting your body and mind ready for the day. Check out these motivating soundtracks to give your morning the kick-start it deserve!

  • Brighten Up Your Space

    Does your bedroom feel like a dark and messy cave? If it is, this is definitely hurting your motivation levels! Let some light into your room and remove the clutter and chaos from your morning routine. Creating an uplifting environment when wake up will help you conquer the day in countless ways.

  • Don't Log On

    Experts recommend at least 15 minutes of screen-free time in the mornings immediately after waking up. Whether this sounds like an impossible task in today’s reality or just wishful thinking, the fact remains the same. Staying slightly removed from the ever-present stream of information our phones and laptops can provide keeps us mindful of the true tasks at hand. Set your mind and your body correctly, without the choke of the digital world.

  • Map Out the Day


    Before you go to bed, write down a list of things you’d like to accomplish the following day. List projects that you’d like to complete and check your schedule to take note of any upcoming appointments. The next morning when you wake up, instead of wondering what the day will hold, you’ll be in control of your day from the very beginning. This will help keep you motivated and on track, and also prevent worry and stress from hijacking your time.

  • Hang a Vision Board

    Write down your biggest goals/dreams/inspirations on a board, and make sure you place it item somewhere you will be able to see every morning when you wake up. If your dream is to own your own business or buy that bigger house, then have a picture of both pasted near your bed or desk! Look at those pictures each morning and make yourself realize how important it is to get on with what you need to do to achieve that dream.

  • Do Something That Makes You Happy

    A happy you makes for a happy day. Set aside some time each morning to do something that you enjoy. Whether it’s reading a chapter from your favorite book, spending 30 minutes playing with the kids, or just enjoying a great cup of java. If you dedicate time to improving your personal life, you’ll feel like you can take on the day ahead!

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