How to Make a Popcorn and Cranberry Christmas Garland

Dec 15, 2017

Decorating the Christmas tree doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many decorations that can be made at home even with the ingredients you have in your kitchen or pantry. This popcorn and cranberry Christmas garland is a great example!

Yes, I know, you’re thinking about how long the cranberries will last on the tree without getting rotten and how to answer your kids when they ask you if they can eat the popcorn. Cranberries can last up to three weeks, depending on the temperature in your house. I assure you that if you live in a cold-weather city and it’s snowing outside, January will come and you still will have your garland intact.

As for eating the popcorn, the answer is a clear “No.” Not because it’s dangerous or can cause illness, but because for the popcorn not to break and fall apart when you’re stringing it with the needle and thread, the best thing to is use stale palomitas de maíz, so they are soft. Another super useful tip is to make the garland with reduced fat popcorn without butter and no salt. I recommend popping a bag of popcorn and leaving it open overnight before making the garland.

If your children are 8 years old or older, they can help you. The needle should have a blunt tip to facilitate work and avoid accidents. In addition to twine, you can use fine yarn and even dental floss. To avoid tangling, it’s best to make individual popcorn and cranberry garlands up to 3 feet long that you can then combine.

I also recommended not to make the cranberries and popcorn too tight in the string. By leaving them loose, the garland will be easier to manage. Lastly, always start and finish the garland with a cranberry to secure both ends, and never use cranberries that are mushy or rotten.

Happy holidays!

Enriqueta Lemoine SAVOIR FAIRE by enrilemoine

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