How to Drop 5 Pounds Safely in 1 Week

Nov 1, 2017

Now that the holidays are around the corner –where we all eat until we’re about to explode. Admit it! – it’s time to get your body ready. Below I’ll show how to safely drop 5 pounds in 1 week without putting your health at risk.

First things first –you actually can lose up to 5 pounds in several days. However, this is water weight rather than fat loss. Even when it doesn’t sound that appealing, it’s a great start for a long-term fitness plan.

More H20!

Nutritionists and science back me up here: increasing your water intake to at least a gallon per day will help you lose that stubborn fat. It could be hard for many, but building a habit isn’t impossible if you take it easy. Start your day with a glass of water or, even better: warm it up and add lemon juice to get rid of toxins. Drink another one every time you get up from your desk; before eating and then after eating your lunch… Try to drink one extra glass of water every day until you have reached your goal.

Your diet will have to change

It sounds cliché, I know, but veggies and fruits are your best friends when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. During these five days, go for those with a higher water content such as leafy greens, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, broccoli, etc. Make sure you’re eating giant bowls of salads for lunch and dinner along with protein (such fish, eggs, or chicken) and a portion of good fats, like avocado or olive oil.

Soups are a wonderful alternative as well! Green peas, for example, are low in calories and you don’t need any thickening agents (such milk or heavy cream) to get a delicious texture.

Sweating is key!

Even if you don’t like to exercise, you’ll only need 20 minutes a day to speed up your metabolism and improve weight loss. You won’t create a habit in just five days, but it’s a great start, right? If you’re a couch potato, go for a daily walk or dance to Zumba or other YouTube videos. Whatever you pick, make sure to sweat! This is key to get rid of water retention.

Get your ZZZ’s on

Did you know if you sleep at least thirty more minutes every day you may be able to reach your fitness goals quicker? We know it isn’t easy to get your beauty sleep, but please try! Go to bed 30 minutes earlier during five days –with no interruptions, TV, or stalking scrolling your ex’s Instagram. If your body is relaxed, it’s possible for it to burn more calories in your next workout.

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