Decorate your cupcakes spectacularly for Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2017

Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of cooking so the last thing you need is to spend even more hours making sweet treats. I’m all about making easy yet beautiful-looking cupcakes and these are just perfect to give to your loved ones and to make them feel special.

Let’s make white fondant pumpkins and fall fruits to decorate any cupcakes you will either buy or make. Just make sure you choose white frosting to make these fondant pieces shine.

To make a white fondant pumpkin, just take a small piece of white fondant and roll it into a ball. This serves two purposes: to give it the shape you need and to get rid of all the wrinkles and lines your fondant may have. Then, place the ball in your working surface and with the back of a pencil or a rounded fondant tool, poke a little hole on the top. Next, with a small knife, mark vertical lines all around your pumpkin to simulate the pumpkin’s texture.

After that, take a small amount of grey fondant and make a little tubular piece; this will be your stem. Place it into the hole and shape it into a little curve to simulate a real stem, and you are done!

To make a red fondant apple: take a small piece of red fondant and roll it into a ball, then place it in your surface and make a little hole in the top of it. With a small piece of grey or brown fondant make the stem and place it into the hole. Take small pieces of green fondant and with a leaf cutter cut the smallest leaf you can. If your cutter is too big, just use the top section of it to mark the top of the leaf and shape the bottom with your hands. Place the leaf next to the stem and you are done!

To make the back of an apple, just make another small red fondant ball and with a pointy decoration tool mark the calix of your apple.

The next one is the pear. It’s so fun to make because we will be using a wonderful technique that works beautifully in any fondant elements; even to decorate a complete cake!

Let’s marble our yellow and orange fondants to make this pear.

Take a piece of yellow fondant and a piece of orange fondant, roll them into a tube; they have to be about the same size and shape. Twist them into a braid, then roll your rolling pin to flatten them.

If you are happy with this color, you can start making the pear, if you think it needs more mixing, repeat the process, just be careful to not mix the colors too much or you will get a uniform color instead of the marble effect you are looking for.

To shape the pear start by making a ball, then use 3 fingers to start pulling a side up. When you are happy with your pear shape you will dig a little hole in the top and fill it with a stem that you will create the same way you made the ones for the other elements we did today.

If you feel like some of these cupcakes are too white, just add Wilton® Sprinkles™ Pearlized Sugar; they will be elegant and delicious! I would place these cupcakes on beautiful golden cupcake liners and wrappers. You can display them as center pieces or in a really beautiful tray or cake stand. I’m sure you and your guests will be delighted with such good-looking Thanksgiving cupcakes.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Ingredients and elements needed:

White fondant

Red fondant

Green fondant

Orange fondant

Yellow fondant

Grey fondant

Wilton® Sprinkles™ Pearlized Sugar

Golden cupcake liners and wrappers

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