Best of 2017 – Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Nov 21, 2017

We can’t forget about the man of the house! We know that finding the perfect gift for your hubby is not always an easy task – his tastes tend to be a little complex and sometimes, the stereotypical tie or cologne just won’t cut it. Thanks to Walmart, you can go the extra mile to please your better half with practical and tech-savvy gifts that go well with his personality.

And with convenient options like online shopping, pickup and free 2-day shipping, you’ll receive your gifts at home or at your nearest Walmart. In fact, you can even get a discount on some products if you choose to have the item shipped to the store. Plus, Walmart’s Holiday Helpers and live product demonstrations always enhance your shopping experience.

This article is sponsored by Walmart, however, all opinions are by Latina Moms editorial team.
  1. Bose Wireless Headphones with Google Assistant

    These headphones are the perfect companion for his workout sessions at the gym, his daily commute or simply to enjoy his favorite music and audiobooks. The Bluetooth function allows the user to connect them wirelessly to the smartphone, tablet or device of his choosing, all without compromising the sound quality. And they’re sturdy enough to endure the hectic lifestyle of the 21st century dad.

  2. Philips 55" 4K Smart TV

    This 55″ smart tv delivers crisp picture quality and home theater sound that will keep your hubby glued to the screen for hours. From soccer tournaments and interesting documentaries to his favorite applications like Netflix and YouTube, dad will surely make the most of his free time.

  3. Atari Flashback 8 Gold

    Blast from the past! The man of the house will release his inner child with this nifty console. Featuring the same look as the original Atari but with wireless controllers, the Flashback 8 Gold packs 130 games for endless hours of entertainment. Simply plug it to your smart TV, and let the gaming begin!

  4. Ozark Trail High-Performance Cooler

    For camping trips, grilling Sundays or simply to have his favorite beer handy during Christmas dinner, your husband will feel like a king with this neat cooler. Featuring enough room for up to 48 cans and a seamless, one-piece construction, Ozark Trail delivers the best way to keep dad’s drinks cool even on the hottest days.

  5. X Rocker Gaming Chair with Bluetooth

    After a long day of work, your hubby deserves a good break, right? Pamper him to the max with this awesome chair that features Bluetooth connection to his favorite gaming consoles and smart TV to offer a unique experience. He will be able to adjust the volume, tinker with the screen settings and much more without leaving the comfort of his chair or dealing with pesky wires and remote controls.

This article is sponsored by Walmart, however, all opinions are by Latina Moms editorial team.
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