8 Short Hairstyles We Love

Oct 18, 2017

Leaving behind those long, beachy waves, autumn has officially stepped up its game with a surprising trend: short hairstyles. Inspired by many celebs, these ‘dos will give you a fresher look thanks to lighter textures, airy volume, and an easy-going vibe the cool girls are aiming for.

Here are eight short, fun, sexy hairstyles to try this fall!

  • Layers

    We are loving Elsa Pataky and her layered haircut, which is shorter in the back yet there’s a ton of volume in the front. It’s great to revive your natural curls or to create texture if you have straight hair

  • Bangs

    Yes, bangs are making a comeback this fall! Make sure yours are heavy, just like Felicity Jones. Use a bit of mousse starting from the bottom up -this will give your hairstyle more texture.

  • Lob

    Supermodel Jordan Dunn embraces this sleek look (long bob), giving her a chic vibe. We warn you, though: it’s a high maintenance haircut, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. Investing in deep conditioners to repair any damage from flat irons will keep your mane shiny and soft.

  • Razor Buzz

    Leave it to Cara Delevingne for a daring hairstyle. It’s a buzzcut, yet we can’t deny she looks feminine and delicate at the same time. Perfect if you’re looking for an extreme makeover!

  • Square

    The 90’s are back! Two years ago, this haircut would have been outdated –today, it’s the epitome of a cool, hipster girl. Times change! Lucy Hale’s bob is slightly square all around, which helps to build volume from the ends up.

  • Medium-length

    A less daring trend, but not boring at all. Olivia Munn‘s haircut is collar-length, which is perfect to update your look yet easy to put in a ponytail when necessary.

  • Pixie

    If you’re looking for a change, but the buzzcut is too much for you, just go for the classic Pixie. Supermodel Coco Rocha decided to kiss her long hair goodbye and has sported this look ever since. This haircut looks better if you have a small head or delicate features.

  • Curly Shag

    Can you believe this is Jennifer Lopez’s natural hair texture? For Shades of Blues, the singer went for a modern curly shag (far different from the 80’s version). It has few short layers on top to “wake up” her curls and create volume without that horrible frizz.

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