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Oct 16, 2017

Halloween is only weeks away so I wanted to share a fun and cute idea for siblings. For the past three years, I have dressed up my kids in matching costumes. Each year I pick a theme and come up with something cute to dress them up. Last year they were Pikachu and Ash, the previous year they were Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, and the first year they were Sully and Mike from Monsters, Inc.

We don’t normally go trick or treating, but I like for them to at least dress up. Besides, my oldest son Giovanni already said he wants to pick his costume next year. I might be able to sneak in at least one more costume pair next year, we’ll see. For now let’s talk about this adorable milk carton and chocolate chip cookie DIY Halloween costumes.

Let me start off with what I didn’t make, but I’m sure is very simple to make. The cookie costume I actually bought last year after Halloween when everything was 90% off. I paid $1.00 for this cookie at Target, which by the way they have again this year and the regular price is $15! I think the price of the costumes is absolutely ridiculous since you’re literally only using it for one night. If you wanted to make this cookie all you would need is cardboard, felt, and some stuffing (which you can always replace with crumbled newspaper).

Speaking of felt, I bought one yard for $3 at Joann’s with a 50% off coupon. That yard was enough to cover the whole milk box and add straps. If you have the time to make your kids costumes, it’s very affordable compared to buying them from the store.

For the milk I used:

-Large Box (free at any store, just ask)

-1 Yard of white felt

-2 Black 9×12 Felt Sheets

-1 Blue felt sheet (optional)

-Glue gun & sticks (which I already had)

The costume came out to a total of under $5. You really can’t beat that!

This weekend I have another costume idea but this time I will be dressing up with the kids. It’s going to be a good one, I promise. Make sure you sign up to receive an email when I post so you don’t miss out (at the bottom of each post). Now tell me; what are your kids dressing up as this year? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments below. If you decide to try one out please tag me on Instagram I would love to see it and repost it on my stories.


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