Columbus Day: What to Do When Your Kid Has a Holiday but You Don’t

Oct 6, 2017

Not all schools stick to the tradition of Columbus Day, but most of them do take it as a holiday, leaving us parents at a crossroads. How are you supposed to entertain your little ones when you have to work?

First things first: talk to your partner or your child’s dad. Can he make an arrangement in his office? Is it possible to take turns? Don’t forget to also rely on your family and close friends. Columbus Day is not a major holiday, so it’s not difficult to find help if you ask.

It’s not easy, Mom, but it’s not a nightmare either! Here are a few ideas that can get you out of trouble when you child is on holiday but you’re not.

  1. Check Your Child's Schedule

    First, make sure your child is not going to school that day, even if he or she has no classes. On holidays, some institutions don’t follow their regular schedule; however, they keep their after-care hours or extra-curricular activities running specifically for working parents like you. Just confirm ahead with teachers or principals.

  2. Take Your Kid to Work

    If your job isn’t flexible when it comes to working from home, tell them about your situation and propose a “Take your kid to work day”. Your child will be able to spend the day with you, as well as get a glimpse of what you do for a living. If your child is older, talk openly about company policies (the last thing you want is to annoy your colleagues) and bring snacks, a tablet, books, and other goodies to keep your kid entertained while he or she is waiting for you.

  3. Connect With Other Parents

    If your son or daughter is close to their schoolmates, why not arrange a casual playdate for both? Maybe there is a Mom or Dad nearby who has the day off or has more flexibility in his or her schedule, and can take care of your little one. Of course, it will be your turn next time!

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