7 Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Oct 25, 2017

Crafty moms, rejoice! If you’re still looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your bundle of joy, look no further. These DIY alternatives are fun and easy, plus you’ll be able to make them in little to no time even if you have zero experience. From made-out-of-recycling-paper mummies to classic movie stars, you can make sure your kid will look spooky yet adorable on October 31th.

  • E.T and Eliott

    We’re bringing E.T. back! There’s nothing more adorable and easy to make than this Halloween costume: red hoodie, jeans, bicycle, and our lovable alien friend (we’re sure you can still find a vintage E.T. on EBay). No scary makeup required!

  • All hail the knight

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    Can you believe this helmet came from a simple cardboard box? You’ll need to cut out different pieces and glue them together. Finish with synthetic black feathers or strings on top. This user also has tons of cute and fun ideas for the little ones using only –you guessed it— cardboard!

  • Roar!

    A lion has never been so adorable! For the hat, simply cut out a donut shape from a cardboard box or a piece of felt and glue on it several synthetic feathers from Michael’s or any other craft store.

  • Freeze!

    This charming police officer is ready to stop the traffic! It’s one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes, as you’ll only need a blue onesie and few plastic toys from the dollar store.

  • Say cheese!

    What’s the best meal for a mouse? Cheese! Make one out of cardboard box or yellow construction paper and literally wrap it around your little one.

  • A very mummy family

    Take old sheets, rag, or even recycled toilet paper to make a spooky mummy costume for the whole family! Finish with white powder on your face and a few touches of purple shadow around the eyes for a killer look.

  • Crazy cat lady

    A glimpse into our future? Take a toddler-size bathrobe, glue or sew five to six stuffed kittens, and finish with hair rollers and glasses. Guaranteed laughter everywhere she goes!

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