Which Toy is Right for Your Baby? Find Out With Our Toy Guide According to Age

Jun 30, 2017

The universe of toys available to your kids is as bewildering as it is beautiful. Between all the colors, textures, and that heart-melting “aww” factor, it’s easy to spend hours choosing the perfect plaything for our little ones. We wanted to offer our help with this toy guide that includes several options, and a few handy recommendations, for spoiling your baby in just the right way.

First of all, before buying any toy, make sure it’s age-appropriate for your child. Aside from providing safety, the right toys will aid your baby’s development, and will become her tools to discover and explore the world.

Playing is a spontaneous activity that plays a crucial role in childhood and can easily become your child’s entire world. It also allows her to establish her first social interactions, usually with mom. As your child grows, so do the physical and psychological aspects of playing. During your child’s early years, playing is the only way to burn energy. It’s also the main avenue for your little one to express her desires and feelings, since playing helps shape ideas and allows children to mimic their future adult life.

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