Top 5 Natural Products That Help Keep Your Baby Healthy And Clean

Jun 16, 2017

When it comes to choosing products to take care of your baby, only the very best will do. After all, you want to be the world’s best mom! In our search for these products, we always seek natural alternatives that contain less chemicals and are less processed. And thus, our journey begins.

One thing you must always bear in mind is that mother’s milk is the best natural product for your baby from birth to six months of age. Mother Nature is so wise, that your baby won’t need anything else. But there are many natural products that are appropriate for your baby’s bath time. Your little one’s skin is so delicate that you will need safe and hypoallergenic alternatives that won’t cause irritation, redness or allergies.

In order to help you on your journey, we’ve compiled 5 natural products for your baby that you can use during bath time:

  1. Chamomile

    It’s a well-known fact that chamomile flowers have many beneficial properties. The good news is that some of these benefits can also be applied to your baby. The relaxing properties of this herb can calm your baby; give your little one a chamomile bath with lukewarm water just before bedtime and watch him sleep peacefully.

    Chamomile is also known for its digestive properties, but be careful: you shouldn’t give your newborn chamomile tea. As always, be sure to consult your pediatrician beforehand.

    Chamomile can also help with skin irritation. If your baby is suffering from diaper rash or eczema, you can bathe her in chamomile water to soothe the itch and discomfort. Look for chamomile-based soaps or lotions to treat these skin ailments. You can also use chamomile to lighten your baby’s golden locks by washing your little one’s hair with products like Ricitos de Oro’s chamomile shampoo.

    Chamomile infusions are also helpful to soothe eye redness or irritation. Just remember to always use potable water for the infusion and to check with your pediatrician before applying this solution to your baby.

  2. Lavender

    Aside from providing a pleasant aroma, lavender-based products are very useful to help you relax your baby. You can pamper and take care of your baby using shampoos and soaps that contain natural lavender extracts; just be sure to check that the ingredients are all natural. Just like chamomile, lavender has numerous beneficial properties that can help with your baby’s hygiene and daily care.

    These aromatic flowers also have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties; just a few drops of lavender oil can soothe mosquito bites or scratches. You also combine lavender and chamomile to provide your baby relaxing baths or to treat minor skin irritations.

  3. Honey

    Products that contain honey are ideal for your baby’s hygiene, but not for consumption. Soaps with natural honey extracts will leave your baby’s skin smooth and hydrated. If you use a shampoo that contains honey, your little one’s hair will take on a healthy sheen.

    Although honey is a natural (and delicious) product, infants should never eat it. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health advice against feeding honey to children under one year of age, due to the risk of botulism. Honey has, however, other properties that you can apply to your baby. It boasts antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can use honey-based products like creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos. When your little one is a bit older, you can serve him cereals that contain honey, but don’t feed him honey directly or add it to any of his meals. The Pan American Health Organization warns that honey and its related products “should not be consumed, on their own or as sweeteners, by children under one year of age.”

  4. Oatmeal

    This natural ingredient is making great strides in the baby products market. Oatmeal soaps are great for sensitive skin. Aside from hydrating your baby’s delicate skin, oatmeal soap also helps to soothe sensitivity, irritation or inflammation. You can also find this natural ingredient in lotions that you can apply to your baby on a daily basis in order to avoid dry skin.

    Due to its hydrating and nutritional properties, you can apply oatmeal water on your baby’s skin or use it during bath time. If your little one suffers from atopic dermatitis or eczema, oatmeal water is highly recommended for hygiene and as a complementary remedy to medical treatment.

  5. Aloe Vera

    You’ve probably heard that aloe vera is good for pretty much anything. When it comes to caring for your baby, this natural ingredient is ideal for treating diaper rash, which occurs when your baby’s bottom is exposed to humidity and bacteria normally found in used diapers. You can use aloe vera creams or lotions in order to prevent or treat diaper rash. This ingredient is also useful for any sort of superficial burn; although we hope your baby never suffers from these, if they were to happen, aloe will provide relief. It’s also useful to treat scratches.

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