The Importance of Eye Contact

Jun 20, 2017

Did you know that one of the ways to improve communication and emotional bonds with your baby is through eye contact?

According to Dr. Dana Erhard-Weiss, a family therapist with a PhD in Cognition and Development from the University of California, Berkeley, eye contact between mom and baby is crucial for the establishment of an emotional connection. Moreover, this connection plays an important part in your little one’s process of obtaining information about the world and emotions.

In order to establish meaningful eye contact with your baby, make sure to get as close as 8-12 inches from her face. Remember that newborns are still developing their eyesight and can’t properly focus on objects located farther away from this range. Gaze at your little one’s eyes while saying hello or tenderly telling her how happy mom and dad are to have her at home.

Your eyes will capture your baby’s attention and he will be fixated on your gaze. At first, this might only happen for a few seconds, but will increase over time.

Take advantage of any opportunity, like diaper changes, bath time or breastfeeding time, to establish eye contact with your baby. This is key to developing a strong relationship with your little one.

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