Babies Need To Exercise As Much As Any Adult. Here’s Why.

Jun 6, 2017

Experts agree that it’s not advisable to keep babies sitting in strollers or car seats for long periods of time, or to keep them “confined” in their cribs. Doing this may hamper your child’s physical and mental development, according to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

Children reach different stages of development naturally and at their own pace, all within the parameters deemed as normal by specialists. However, it’s convenient to provide a suitable environment for your child to acquire natural developmental abilities (crawling, sitting, walking, etc.). In other words, exercise helps children develop.

In order to help your baby exercise, it’s crucial to establish a daily routine comprised of simple, fun and age-appropriate activities. These activities can be as simple as helping your baby explore his surroundings by using objects that he can push, pull or even climb on top of them. It goes without saying that safety should always be the priority when choosing these toys or objects.


The spike in childhood obesity is all the more reason to recommend a regimen of physical activities on a daily basis or, at the very least, several times a week. An interesting study published by Pediatrics magazine concluded that babies who gain too much weight too quickly during the first months of life are more likely to be overweight throughout infancy.


Moreover, several studies have found that obesity is hereditary, but early intervention is key to prevent childhood obesity. Research has reinforced the opinion of experts that babies should only consume mother’s milk during the first 6 months of life. In order to ward off obesity, parents must establish good nutritional habits as well as promote physical activity in their children. It’s also essential to expose your child to fruits and vegetables and to avoid foods that contain excessive calories.

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