Tiny Travelers: 9 Different Crawl Styles & What They Say About Your Baby

May 1, 2017

Baby crawling is probably the most basic form of locomotion. It’s a big breakthrough in muscular and motor development and being able to move from one place to another will also boost your baby’s confidence and help her to become more independent.

NYC pediatrician and author, Michel Cohen, reminds us babies’ crawling styles are the same. “The are many ways for an infant to crawl…or not at all.” And while some child development experts believe that crawling is an integral part of development, others, like Cohen, believe that “if all other aspects of development are on par, there’s no need to worry if our baby does not learn this optional mode of locomotion.” If your infant decides to crawl, here is a guide to interpret her own personal style.

  • Classic Hands & Knees or Cross Crawl

    Standing on flat palms and knees, your baby moves one hand and the opposite knee and then alternates. A traditionalist, your baby is moving through milestones in a textbook way. The alternate use of limbs is setting up neural pathways to work in an efficient manner.

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