Celebrate Mom With A Wine Tasting Party

May 5, 2017

With Mother’s Day (May 8) right around the corner, have you begun to think about how you can show mom just how special she is? What better way than getting together with some of your favorite ladies for a Mother Daughter Wine Tasting party! From pretty décor to fun activities, here are a few helpful tips for a unique and memorable Mother’s Day celebration!

  1. Setting The Stage


    Wine tastings usually work best when the guest list is kept intimate. Keep the headcount to less than a dozen ladies to keep the atmosphere warm and cozy. Once the guest list is covered, make wine-themed DIY invitation-coasters like these or add a Mother’s Day message to make it even more special.

  2. Choose Your Wines


    Have mom and guests sample up to five different types of wine (more will overwhelm the palette). While it’s okay to mix reds and whites, just serve them in order from lightest to darkest since darker wines tend to be heavier. As a general rule, put reds in the refrigerator 15 to 30 minutes before guests arrive and take whites and rosés out a few minutes before pouring. Here is our suggested list:

    1. Bodega Montes Alpha Cabernet (vino rojo)  – Chile
    2. Bodega Norton Privada Blend (vino rojo) – Argentina
    3. Bodega Marqués de Cáceres Tempranillo (vino rojo) – Spain
    4. Bodega SurfSwim Chardonnay (vino blanco) – USA
    5. Bodega Nobilissima Pinot Grigio (vino blanco) – Italy
  3. Master The Menu


    If the best part of a wine tasting party is the wine, the second best is the food! Present your guests with a spread of small bites that complement the wines you’re serving. Use skewers of grapes and cheese for a fun appetizer and you can also serve delectable bite-size snacks like these bacon wrapped dates and these adorable and delicious goat cheese pizzettes. To heighten the flavors of the cheese, it is recommended that you add some sweet elements like grapes or even better…chocolate!

  4. Set The Mood


    There are so many ways to make your Mother’s Day fete feel as special as Mom is. Fill empty wine bottles with an assortment of colorful flowers (which can also double as a take home party favor), use chalkboards to identify the variety of cheeses and try these cork place cards to personalize your table. Also check out this clever tutorial for using kraft paper to let your table runner serve double duty by using it to identify wines.

  5. Have Fun!


    While sipping wine and feasting on yummy snacks may be an enjoyable enough way to fill the time, you can also entertain guests with some easy and fun activities to do. These festive DIY cork wine charms are so simple to make or try this tutorial for personalizing your wine glasses with paint – which can also be a lovely gift for the moms!

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