Enjoyable Moments: Tracking Your Baby’s Milestones

May 23, 2017

Few things are as enjoyable as seeing your baby grow and reach developmental milestones. The following list will help you determine the main milestones your baby will experience and the approximate ages when you can expect them to happen.

As each milestone approaches, be sure to have your camera ready because you will want to document each first in your baby’s life.

  1. 1. The first (meaningful) smile

    While it’s true that you may see a newborn smile, the reality is that once babies reach the two-month threshold, they begin to smile intentionally as a reaction to something that caused happiness, laughter or joy.

  2. 2. First time sleeping through the night

    Anyone who has children knows how challenging the first months can be due to lack of adequate sleep. The nights are long and as the fatigue grows, parents can’t wait for babies to reach the age of 3-4 months, when sleeping through the night finally becomes a reality.

  3. 3. The first crawl

    Your baby starts gaining mobility at month 8 or 9, by starting to crawl and independently discover all of her surroundings.

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