I Am Having A Baby In My 30s, So What?

Apr 28, 2017

So, you’re in your 30s, and you’re finally feeling ready to start a family. Well, this age bracket turns out to be a fine time to have a baby, so don’t torture yourself with “el que dirá” your mom. Here’s why your choice to have a baby after 30 may actually be a really smart idea!

  1. 1. Fertility

    Today, more and more women wait to become moms for all different reasons. Studies show that, although you may have about 12 percent of your original number of ovarian follicular cells, it is definitely possible to have a healthy pregnancy in your early 30s. If you’re 35 and over, you may want to consult with a fertility specialist, who will be able to answer any questions about your fertility and your unique needs for conceiving at this age.

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