This Is How You Lose Money Without Even Trying

Apr 4, 2017

We all work towards our savings goals (or so we plan), but with so many impulse buys, school projects and the impromptu happy hour, it may often seem like we’re making no progress at all. While that’s usually an illusion, and your savings goal is probably nearer than you think, you may not realize the places where you are actually losing money without noticing. Once you’re aware of these money wasters, you’ll wonder how you ever succumbed to paying for them, and you’ll change the way you look at saving.

  1. 1. Unused gift cards

    There is no shame in admitting you’re never going to use that gift card you got for your birthday last year. There’s even less shame in selling it to someone who will! Sites like CardHub let you sell your gift cards with no charge to you. You’ll be doing a good deed and saving money.

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