Do’s & Don’ts When A Beloved Friend Has Cancer

Apr 5, 2017

Even though we want to help as much as possible, few of us know how to help a friend with cancer.

Cancer awareness doesn’t really prepare you.  There’s a “before” and “after” with cancer, no matter what the diagnosis is. But the strength and attitude needed to face this monster is only achieved through incredible resilience, a supportive environment and the best health care possible. If a loved one is going through a cancer diagnosis or treatment process, you are part of that key support system. To help them through this fight, here’s a guide for how to help in the best possible manner:

  1. 1. Be there

    Sounds easy, but some people do not understand the boundaries. Ask your friend what would she like to do: read a book together, cook with her, watch movies, pray, or simply “be there”.  Ask away. Don’t be afraid. They will appreciate your interest and best disposition to help. Think positively.

  2. 2. Do keep ‘those’ stories to yourself


    A person fighting cancer or going through chemo does not need another visual picture of the grim future that could potentially be awaiting at the end of treatment. Refrain from talking about relatives or other sufferers’ horror stories that ended up in death. Instead, talk about the courageous women that fought it, and won.

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