4 Quick Exercises Every Busy Mom Needs

Mar 13, 2017

Quick workouts can be just as effective as an hour at the gym. If someone ever tells you that working out and being fit do not go along with motherhood, turn around run away from that person as fast a as you can. Exercising not only provides amazing benefits like increased energy, high levels of serotonin (happy hormone) and even better levels of libido, it makes you look fabulous!

Knowing that as a mom your are crunched for time, we have gathered 4 strategies to help you make the best out of the short free periods of time you may have:

  • Muscle confusion

    You can’t stick to one routine and one routine only. If you enjoy running and your goal is to lose weight, then your body might get used to it and you will very probably hit a plateau. Instead, do quick workouts that focus on back, arms and core one day, and the next one go out for a jog, spinning, or any other type of quick cardio you enjoy. The trick is to change the workouts regularly to keep the body “confused” and maximize the benefits of each workout routine.

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