Dangerous Sites Your Teenager Should Avoid

Mar 30, 2017

You may have talked with your children about Internet safety for kids where you tried to paint a grim portrait of the times we’re living in. You hope they are able to choose wisely, but you can never be too sure of what dangers they may encounter online. Rates of cyber bullying have tripled. Teen suicide is directly linked to online usage of apps and access to content that is harmful to their health. These four sites are definitely red-flagged when it comes to Internet safety for kids.

  1. 1. Whisper

    This app seemed interesting and harmful in the beginning, but strangers go to spill the beans on any dirt they can find, or have gone through. Stories of sexual abuse, sexual encounters, cheating, suicides and many at-core troubled stories are reported, and even if it’s anonymous, it showcases your location, so how anonymous is it really?

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