10 Things, 10 Minutes: How To Declutter Your Kid’s Room In A Flash

Mar 16, 2017

Psychologists have found a clear link between cutting down on clutter and improving your entire life. They agree that too much visual, tactile and scent stimuli in your home can actually prevent you from relaxing and truly enjoying the area. This is because your senses are in overdrive, and therefore overload; this in turn causes stress. Hence, it alters the way you behave in that environment. This extends to every area or room in your home, including your kids’ room (plush animals and all).

If keeping your child’s room clean sounds like a daunting prospect, think again: It’s all about small steps. In 10 minutes or less, you’ll make lots of progress by clearing out these 10 things; get ready, set the timer and go!

    1. Shoes that no longer fit can be donated or given away – No, don’t leave them in the corner of the closet for when your little nephew visits from abroad.
    2. Books without sentimental value that your child has grown out of – The library will be glad to receive a donation!
    3. Board games that are missing pieces – Seriously, they won’t appear later.
    4. Dried-out markers – Need a better reason?
    5. Trinkets your kids aren’t interested in using anymore – We mean old keychains, bookmarks, novelty items, etc.
    6. Crayon stubs too worn down to use – They’re just a laundry hazard at this point.
    7. Old or shabby stuffed animals your child no longer plays with that take up space in the toy bin – If they have sentimental value, make sure to explain this is an opportunity to make room for new stuffed animals in the future!
    8. Old sports uniforms – you can donate next weekend!
    9. Broken toys – Even your kids would agree with this one.
    10. Socks missing their match – just like the missing pieces of the board game, they won’t be found later either.
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