Are You Helping Your Kids ‘Too Much’ With Homework?

Feb 20, 2017

You want to raise your kids to be successful adults with a bright future, but at the same time, you want them to be independent. You can’t leave them to fend for themselves and risk them failing classes, even if they’re too young to understand what this could lead to in the future. But how much is ‘too much homework help’?

There seems to be an overload of helicopter parents flying through to save their child from uncertain futures by doing most or all of the work themselves. You can see it in the class teacher’s face when she has to grade those projects that do not look like they were done by children. She knows what’s going on and so do you. Is it worth to join that group of ‘do it all’ parents that guarantee a golden star in their children’s record?

Well, according to psychologists and many health professionals, there’s room for you to help out when it comes to guiding your child through their homework and tasks. But writing an essay for him, and staying up until 5 am to finish their project is not acceptable. If your children gets a B, then encourage him to go for more by trying harder next time. It’s the only way he will learn how to evolve, and improve his skills. Just take a back sit on this one, and let him sit in the front. Be there to guide, and explain away, but never take over so much that he loses the responsibility of being in school.

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