Sex After Baby: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Feb 2, 2017
Sex After Baby

Right after you have your baby, sex might be the last thing on your mind! You are probably busy taking care of the little one or exhausted from sleepless nights. Either way,  you want to give yourself enough time to heal and get back on your feet before you have sex after baby has arrived.

  1. 1. How soon is too soon?
    Sex After Baby

    Yes… believe it or not, there is a sex life after baby! At your postpartum checkup – usually six weeks after a normal birth – your doctor can give you the go-ahead for sex. If you had a procedure done, like an episiotomy or a c-section, you may take longer than six weeks to heal. In the end, though, no doctor can affirm when you are ready! Listen to your body, and make sure you’re really up for getting intimate with hubby again.

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