Help Your Child Overcome School Tests Anxiety

Feb 21, 2017

Are you and your child desperate to know how to overcome test anxiety? This is a common question, as anxiety levels rise sometimes to the point where children feel physically sick, specially towards the end of school year. The headache, cold, or stomach flu that seem to conveniently happen on the day of the test or a project presentation? They are frequently a response to stress. According to some studies, Latino students may face some additional stress related issues, such as not feeling like they belong to the school community and, if they are more recent immigrants, culture and language.

Unfortunately, stress can affect your kid’s ability to do well in school so it’s important for you to know how to overcome test anxiety and help your children keep it in check. There are many things you can do to help your child avoid stress before tests and exams:

  1. 1. Help your child stay organized

    Create a large calendar and encourage your child to write down tests, project due dates, and exams. Then plan backwards when he/she needs to begin studying or preparing for the test or the project. Avoiding the last-minute rush to meet a deadline removes a quite a bit of pressure. BTW — this may even help you too with your own level of stress.

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