Five-Minute Guide For Stylish Stay-At-Home Moms

Feb 3, 2017

There should be more beauty tips for busy moms! Struggling to find enough time, money and energy is a common problem for some stay-at-home moms — and let’s not even mention how our self-esteem can take a nose dive when we don’t get out of the house often enough. While motherhood doesn’t necessarily equate frumpiness, one of the biggest challenges facing stay-at-home moms is being able feel pretty or sexy when you’ve had a stressful week of crying kids, a broken washing machine and piles of dirty clothes waiting for you. Sound familiar?

As a new mom (and work-at-home mom, so double trouble!), we can understand why we might feel selfish taking a few precious moments to ourselves. Yet just five minutes a day of self-pampering can work wonders on your appearance and mood. Check out these easy beauty tips for busy moms to step up their style game guilt-free!


    You may often find myself sporting messy buns or frizzy ponytails, which to be honest aren’t the best looks for any woman. To make things easier, add a pretty touch to your hair, like a headscarf or decorative barrette. You’ll feel instantly more pulled together!

    Got more time? Simply wash your hair, and then curl sections with a 1½ or 2 -inch curling iron. You won’t get beachy waves or corkscrew curls — instead, this kind of tool will deliver voluminous hair as if you used a hair dryer… and you can do it in minutes! Try: Rusk Heat Freak Curling Iron 1½ inch ($80); Goody Hair Pins (assorted prices).

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