Yoga 101: The Best Fit For A Fitter You

Feb 17, 2017
types of yoga

All types of yoga are meant to open up our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Sounds great, right? But let’s face it, stepping into that first yoga for beginners class is a bit daunting—especially with all the styles offered these days. Ashtanga, jivamukti, kundalini…. Who knows what you could be getting yourself into? When we see those unfamiliar, unpronounceable Sanskrit words on the gym or yoga studio schedule our minds immediately shut down and we retreat to what we know—the treadmill, the stairclimber, the couch.

Let’s break down five of the most popular types of yoga.

  • Anusara

    The term anusara translates to “flowing with grace” or “following your heart,” and both of these translations correctly describe the spirit of this modern form of hatha yoga. Anusara was founded by John Friend in 1997. This modern style focuses on “universal principles of alignment” which begin with “opening to grace.” It has achieved remarkable growth, most likely due to its uplifting focus on the “celebration of the heart.”

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