5 Ways To Feel Sexy As A Mom With Small Kids

Feb 1, 2017
how to be a sexy mom

When you’ve got young children sometimes you need someone to tell you how to be a sexy mom. Some people say that there’s nothing sexier than giving birth and experiencing the incredible changes your body goes through  in the months after you finally give birth to your bundle of joy. Well, that is not the case for some of us. But just because you’re going through those changes doesn’t mean you can’t rebuild your self-esteem and learn how to be a sexy mom.

  • Move it like you mean it
    how to be a sexy mom

    Yoga, Zumba, speed walking, or roller skating. It’s your body, your rules, and you need to find a workout that is both incredibly fun, and motivates you to keep being active. Strengthening your muscles and toning up will give you the most incredible self-esteem boost in the world.

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