15 Awesome Facts About Latina Moms

Feb 20, 2017
latina mom

Nothing compares to being raised by a Latina mom. There is no doubt that without women, this world might fall apart. This is especially true for moms, who braided our hair, put us in our place when we acted like morons, made sure we ate a proper dinner and helped us achieve our goals—whatever they may have been. While all moms have their own style, a Latina mom is unique. Latina moms add a certain passion and spunk to the role, wouldn’t you agree? They have distinctive parenting styles, supporting their families and sharing their opinions with the world…and we love them for it.

  • Chancla discipline is the best discipline
    latina mom

    Chanclas, otherwise known as house slippers or flip-flops, aren’t just for comfort or so you don’t walk around barefoot. In many households, the Latina mom uses her chanclas for discipline. Sounds a little kooky if that’s not how you grew up, but ask any Latina and they’ll tell you it works.

  • Every lecture sounds like it’s out of a telenovela

    And an hour later, they’re fine…como si nada!

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