A Helping Hand: How Your Kids Can Help You Get Fit In 2017

Jan 11, 2017

Now that the holidays are over, we’re all starting to contemplate how to lose the few extra pounds that have inevitably crept up around our waistlines, keeping us from zipping up that smart little skirt we bought right before Christmas. It’s no wonder that according to TIME Magazine, “Living a healthier lifestyle” and “losing weight” are the most common New Year’s resolutions of 2017!

This seems especially hard to accomplish if you are a full-time mom, or juggling motherhood and your career. But a closer look and a little creativity may reveal that getting fit is easier than you think, and our kids may actually help us achieve these goals.

  1. 1. Healthier lifestyle

    Look at the wholesome foods your children are eating as an example. Why not make a serving for yourself? Hot or cold cereal or yogurt for breakfast; apples, bananas, or other fruit snacks throughout your day; chicken and veggies for lunch; some lean meat for dinner… the healthy options are endless. These foods are nutritious for kids, and certainly good for you. Sharing a healthy meal with your kids will help make fitness a family New Year’s resolution, too!

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