Tips To Get Your Own Home Gym

Jan 6, 2017

Did you know you can get a gym-worthy workout with easy home exercises.  Mamis across America are looking for ways to cut spending — be it limiting life’s little luxuries or using coupons at the grocery checkout. Perhaps you’ve had to give up a gym membership or you put off joining a fitness center. Luckily, it doesn’t take money to stay fit, just a little creativity, a few household items, and some advice from a fitness guru on how to build a home gym.

We asked Garrett Macrine, a former Elite Forces Israeli Army soldier and now a Miami-based fitness expert, for bodyweight exercises to help you get total-body workouts without having to leave home.

“You certainly don’t need anything other than your total volition and maximum effort when it comes to working out,” says Garrett. “It’s all about looking at your surroundings in a new way.”

Here are some of his quick tips for home exercises that are doable just about anywhere:

  1. 1. Dips

    Place two chairs together back to back and about 18 inches apart. Stand between them and then place your hands on the backs of the chairs. Find your balance by lifting your feet off the ground and this becomes a perfect dip station. Raise and lower your body, bending your knees and crossing your legs at the ankles. Muscles worked: shoulders, abs, chest, and triceps.

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