6 Things We Say That Mean The Total Opposite

Jan 23, 2017

Many people say women are “complicated.” And let’s be honest, sometimes we can be hard to figure out! Most of the time, though, with an open mind, open ears, and some healthy communication, misunderstandings can be avoided. If you’ve used some (or all) of these phrases before, you probably know they don’t mean what the man in your life thinks they mean! Well, this list will help us all understand women better.

  • "I'm fine"

    If a woman says she’s fine, it might be true… but there might be something else going on! As women and moms, we put up with a lot, and we don’t always like to draw attention to it. Maybe something’s bothering us, or we just had a really bad day. A good response – “Are you sure?” and just offer a nice hug or maybe a pair of listening ears…

  • “Don’t worry about it; I’ll do it”

    Especially as moms, we tend to take on a lot of responsibilities, right? At the end of the day, taking out the trash is just another thing we have to do – but that doesn’t mean we really want to! Going out of your way to take care of something we said we’d handle is always a nice surprise.

  • "Do whatever you want"

    If this comes up in an argument, we definitely don’t mean it literally. It is more like: “Do not dare to do that”, or it may actually mean that we’ve just given up trying to prove our point.

  • “It’s okay – I don’t want anything for [holiday]!”

    We may say this, but the truth is, we love opening presents! No matter what we said, when the big day comes, we’re going to be expecting something, really. Flowers are always, always a good choice if you’re really not sure whether or not to give/get a gift! They show you care and bring joy into our day.

  • “I have nothing to wear”

    Let’s face it, ladies… we have tons of outfits to wear. The challenge to any wardrobe is trying to figure out the right thing to wear! We’ve all gone through three different combinations of shirts and skirts in the evening before going out! And tomorrow, we’ll replay the same scene before heading out again.

  • “Ready in five minutes!”

    Pfff! Going off #5: We all know how important it is to look our best… and that can take a while! Our “five minutes” is more like how long we’d like to take to get ready, but it will probably be a while longer.


Now go show this list to the man in your life who still doesn’t get it! And to fill in some more blanks, there’s always this book to the rescue – Understanding Women: A Guidebook for Guys Who Are Often Confused, by Ben Goode and Erin Allred. Get it on Amazon here, and make it your boyfriend or husband’s next holiday gift!

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