Weight Loss Detox Diets Explained: 6 Ways To Cleanse Yourself From Harmful Toxins And Fat

Oct 7, 2016

Weight loss and overall health is important to all of us. We all want to look and feel our best. And while a good juice cleanse is a go-to for many, most people don’t know what cleanse is right for them in order to detox your body from harmful toxins.  In fact, many of us put a lot of time, money and effort into taking care of our bodies with little to show for it, much less any success at achieving sustainable weight loss.

We eat well, make balanced choices about our diets and we exercise. But oftentimes it’s just not enough to promote healthy weight loss. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we ingest tons of potentially harmful toxins that sabotage our diets and cause long-term health problems.

According to Mind, Body, Green, if you feel constantly fatigued, you struggle in your weight loss efforts, your digestive tract is irregular and you experience muscle aches and pains, then you are probably ingesting too many toxins. Toxins are chemicals that can be found in everything from preservatives to pesticides, food additives, and other environmental chemicals. The world is currently overflowing with toxins that our bodies are not meant to process, and according to Dr. Mark Hyman, “inside the body, these chemicals monkey with our ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insulin resistance.” In other words, toxins can not only do damage to your health, they can also make you fat.

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Which is why it might be time for you to consider a detox diet as a way to jumpstart your health and weight loss plan. Think of a detox as a way to reboot your body. Just as when a computer freezes or you need to restart your iPhone, sometimes your body needs to be restarted and refreshed so that you can reset your metabolism, eliminate health problems and lose weight. And don’t be turned off by the word “detox.” We’re not talking about scary laxatives or disgusting drinks that are a punishment worse than toxins. We’re talking about simple ways to cleanse your body as a part of a balanced lifestyle.

According to health expert and author David Wolfe, “our bodies are amazing machines made to help us run on the food we eat and remove what we do not need. However, food is changing faster than we can evolve, and some of the things found in our food end up staying in our bodies and, sometimes, even in our fat cells.”

Toxins are everywhere, and in this day and age, you need to take extra special care to detox from time to time.

Here are 6 different ways to cleanse and feel better, starting today.

  • Drink More Water

    Aside from the fact that water will help rehydrate you, it will also help flush out the toxins from your body by boosting your digestive system so that you can pee, poop and even sweat out toxins. Plus drinking more water also jumpstarts your kidneys, which are detoxification organs. All of this will help in your weight loss efforts.

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