Becoming Self Made: The Adelante Movement Tells You How

Oct 5, 2016

You love to cook, you feel passionate about food, you enjoy the culinary experience, you watch all these gals that have built their businesses off the same passion, and you may wonder … how can they do it all? You want to do it too, but daily responsibilities: current job, family, school projects and so forth… are the reasons why you may feel overwhelmed and even scared to do something about your true calling. The good news: it is possible!

There are many resources out there to support passionate latinas that are willing to learn and make their dreams a reality. This means you! The Adelante Movement is a wonderful platform where you can find inspiration, resources, and information on how to take the next step towards your dream business. For real. As Nelly Galán – founder of The Adelante Movement – adamantly shares: “We get our own chips”, which means starting our own companies and owning our own media.

Candy Ramírez, owner of Candy’s Cakes shares: “Adelante was a turning point for me. For the first time, I was around other women who had careers while also raising families. It showed me I could do that too.” She was determined to turn her baking hobby into a profitable career.

Are you ready? Thanks to Coca-Cola and The Adelante Movement, you can now count on resources through a series of webinars focused on entrepreneurship in the food industry. The upcoming webinars will feature successful Latina business leaders and entrepreneurs who will talk about the key business skills needed to start your own business, how to find and own your niche, and use your talents and answer market demands.

They will provide access to entrepreneurship trainings to thousands of Latinas across the country. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity and register for free here:

Check out these facts:

  • Over the past decade, there has been a nearly 200% increase in Latina-owned business, a sign of enormous growth by any measure, especially when compared to the 55% increase made by their non-Hispanic female counterparts.
  • Among the 500 largest Hispanic-owned businesses, some 35 are in the food industry and, while many are not huge, they cover a wide range of segments, from food manufacturing to distribution to fast-food restaurants?

The beauty of it all is that Latinas are driving entrepreneurship growth and are the emerging economic market in the U.S. (Yes!) Hesitate no more, it is time to move hacia #Adelante!

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