Sleep APPnea Sucks! 10 Apps That Promise You A Better Night’s Sleep

Oct 3, 2016

Sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions. If you feel like you haven’t had a really good night’s sleep in a while (whether it be Sleep Apnea or your living on a noisy block), you’re not alone. In fact, recent statistics from the CDC show that “an estimated 50-70 million US adults” suffer from some form of sleep deprivation. And while more adults are suffering from such sleep deprivation each year, there are also many more accessible tech-based solutions at your fingertips than ever before.

Not sleeping is more than a simple inconvenience. Poor sleeping habits caused by health perils such at sleep apnea, can also put you at risk for other illnesses such as obesity or diabetes. And if you’re not getting enough rest you could be less productive during the day and at risk for potentially hazardous behavior, such as falling asleep at the wheel.

So how much is considered enough sleep? The American Sleep Apnea Association states “most sleep physicians believe that the average adult needs eight to eight-and-a-half hours of sleep a night, with seven hours being the minimum for almost everyone.” If it’s been a long time since you got anywhere close to seven solid hours of good sleep, we’re with you. Who on earth gets that much sleep!

Smartphone users rejoice: there are tons of helpful and easy-to-use apps that can help cure you of your sleep deprivation, so you can get a better night’s rest.

If you’re like the rest of America, and you’re feeling sleep deprived, you may have to give one of these 10 apps a try.

  • Relax Melodies

    If you sleep well, but you have trouble falling asleep then this app is a must-try. It features various relaxing sound effects, songs, recordings and white noises to help you relax, disconnect from the distractions and sounds of everyday life, and ultimately drift into a peaceful sleep.

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