The Perfect Purse: 8 Classic Handbags And Which Is Right For Each Occasion

Oct 6, 2016
what classic handbags are a must-have

Every woman knows a handbag is sooo much more than just a practical way to keep her essentials at her fingertips while she’s on the go. A really great purse is the one accessory that can instantly pull your outfit together, express your personality, act as a stylish security blanket and make you feel luxurious at a moment’s notice. Hence the lure of the ultimate handbag, the Birkin bag. As fashion editor Marissa Stempien tells Fortune, “When wearing a Birkin, a woman has the ability to carry her wealth, affluence and style on her arm for the world to see.”

You may not have $10,000 lying around but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a well rounded arsenal of purses in your closet.

We’ve got the ultimate list of 8 classic handbags so you’re fully armed for any occasion.

  • Roomy Tote
    what classic handbags are a must-have

    A roomy tote is the workhorse of handbags. When you’ve got a long day of car pools, work and errands this is a purse that will hold it all and the kitchen sink. You can even stow a smaller, cuter bag to take out to lunch or last-minute drinks. Check out WWD’s list of the ultimate totes for fall 2016.

  • Structured Top Handle
    what classic handbags are a must-have

    For those occasions when you need something just big enough to carry your wallet, a tablet and a few other sundries the structured top handle does the job with a sleek, professional flair. If you want a look that’s all business go for a something minimal and pared down like this totally affordable The Poppy Bag from Cambridge Satchel. The Becky Square Top Handle bag from Bill Blass is a ladylike yet vivacious take.

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