Chocolate Love-In: How The World’s Most Beloved Food Makes For Better Sex And Great Orgasms

Sep 20, 2016

For many, every day is National Chocolate Day (officially celebrated on September 28th). When it comes to having better sex and stronger orgasms, every day SHOULD be a chocolate fest. The link between chocolate and sex dates way back before Hershey’s or Willy Wonka. Ancient Aztecs saw chocolate as a way to increase sexual arousal, which explains why people considered chocolate to be a gift from the gods. And while ancient myths aren’t always backed up by modern science, experts and recent findings actually support these beliefs.

All of which means you officially have our permission to indulge in celebrating National Chocolate Day, every night. In addition to being insanely delicious, chocolate packs major perks for your sex life. Chocolate is a tasty aphrodisiac, and experts suggest that eating chocolate makes you a better lover.

But first, how popular is chocolate in America? A recent article on estimated that “Americans will eat nearly 18 percent of world’s chocolate confectionery by value in 2015 — or around $18.27 billion worth.”  That’s more than all of Asia-Pacific combined; which is a pretty shocking statistic considering that Asia-Pacific has a population of approximately 4.4 billion (yes with a B), compared to the US, which has about 322 million people.

So, to be a better lover, let chocolate lubricate your National Chocolate Day with these 5 reasons why chocolate provides an extra dose of sexual pleasure.

  • Chocolate Enhances Love and Happiness

    It’s no surprise that sex isn’t just about physical contact. There is a huge psychological component to a fulfilling sexual encounter, and emotions centered on all-consuming love and happiness can actually make any physical relationship that much more enjoyable. Chocolate has been shown to increase that love vibe thanks to the high content of phenylethylamine, which is an endorphin released in your brain when you are falling in love. Phenylethylamine is present in all chocolate but it’s a bit more concentrated in dark chocolate, and when this endorphin kicks in, it makes you not only feel content, but it also triggers your brain’s pleasure center, increasing euphoria and excitement.

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