How To Speak Spanish Basics: 101 Spanish Words Every Child In America Must Know

Sep 20, 2016

If you’re Latino, you most likely want your child to learn Spanish to connect with their culture. Raising bilingual kids is every Hispanic parents’ dream. And if you’re not Latino, since Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world according to the U.S. census, the benefit to your child’s future will have countless opportunities, both professional and personal.

Learning Spanish is more a necessity than a luxury in today’s multicultural world.

Not only does speaking two languages improve how a brain functions, but it helps your mind stay more lucid as you age. Several studies show that being bilingual improves cognitive skills unrelated to language. The best part about learning Spanish is that it will also help your child academically, and expand their future employment options as well.

Plus, according to the Association of Spanish Language Academies, by 2050, the U.S. will be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. That means that if you have children in the next decade, they will likely have friends who speak Spanish.

The earlier children start to learn Spanish, the easier it will be for them to become fluent. Emory University psychology professor Laura L. Namy, told CNN that the best approach to raising bilingual children is starting early. “The child should hear as much of both languages as possible from birth, ideally from two different speakers who consistently speak one of the languages to them,” said Namy.

Pediatrician Dr. Gwendolyn Delaney added that children exposed to more than one language have greater tissue density in the areas of the brain related to language, memory and attention.


If you don’t speak any Spanish, try bringing your child to bilingual playgroups or hiring a Spanish-speaking nanny to help them practice at home. There are also plenty of bilingual schools around the country if you don’t mind a commute; the time invested is well worth it for your child’s future.

Here are 100 Spanish starter words that you can introduce to your child today. Be sure to say them slowly first, enunciating all the syllables. Then use them in full sentences. For example: Abrigo. Coat. Mi abrigo es rojo. My coat is red. Have fun speaking in español and enjoy your little bilingual genio.

101 Starter Words in Spanish

    1. Abrigo. Coat
    2. Abuela/Abuelo. Grandmother/Grandfather
    3. Agua. Water
    4. Alimentos. Food
    5. Almohada. Pillow
    6. Amarillo. Yellow
    7. Amigo. Friend
    8. Árbol. Tree
    9. Automóvil. Car
    10. Avión. Airplane
    11. Azul. Blue
    12. Batata. Sweet Potato.
    13. Bañera. Bathtub
    14. Barco. Boat
    15. Bebé. Baby
    16. Beber. Drink
    17. Biberón. Bottle
    18. Bostezar. Yawn
    19. Botas de lluvia. Rainboots
    20. Galleta. Cookie
    21. Caballo. Horse
    22. Cabra. Goat
    23. Cama. Bed.
    24. Caminar. Walk
    25. Camión. Truck
    26. Camión de bomberos. Fire truck
    27. Casa. Home
    28. Cepillo. Brush
    29. Cielo. Sky
    30. Cochecito. Stroller
    31. Colores. Colors
    32. Comer. Eat
    33. Computadora. Computer
    34. Cuna. Crib
    35. Flor. Flower
    36. Fresa. Strawberry
    37. Gato. Cat
    38. Gorro. Hat
    39. Gracias. Thank you
    40. Hermano/Hermana. Brother/Sister
    41. Hoja. Leaf
    42. Hora de comer. Mealtime
    43. Hora de ir a la cama. Bedtime
    44. Hora del baño. Bath time
    45. Ir al baño. Potty
    46. Jugar. Play
    47. Juguetes. Toys
    48. Lámpara. Lamp
    49. Lápices. Pencils
    50. Leer. Read
    51. Libro. Book
    52. Llaves. Keys
    53. Llorar. Cry
    54. Madre. Mother
    55. Manzana. Apple
    56. Mariposa. Butterfly
    57. Marrón. Brown
    58. Medias. Socks
    59. Mesa. Table
    60. Motocicleta. Motorcycle
    61. Naranja. Orange
    62. Osito de peluche. Teddy bear
    63. Padre. Father
    64. Pantalones. Pants
    65. Pantuflas. Slippers
    66. Pasto. Grass
    67. Pato. Duck
    68. Pelota. Ball
    69. Pera. Pear
    70. Perro. Dog
    71. Pez. Fish
    72. Pijama. Pajamas
    73. Por favor. Please
    74. Pollo. Chicken
    75. Puerta. Door
    76. Queso. Cheese
    77. Rana. Frog
    78. Reír. Laugh
    79. Reloj. Clock
    80. Rojo. Red
    81. Ropa. Clothes
    82. Rosada. Pink
    83. Rompecabezas. Puzzle
    84. Sentarse. Sit.
    85. Silla. Chair
    86. Taza. Cup
    87. Tazón. Bowl
    88. Teléfono. Telephone
    89. Televisión. Television
    90. Tía/Tío. Aunt/Uncle
    91. Toalla. Towel
    92. Tomate. Tomato
    93. Tenedor. Fork
    94. Tren. Train
    95. Triciclo. Tricycle
    96. Ventana. Window
    97. Verde. Green
    98. Vestido. Dress
    99. Violeta. Purple
    100. Yo. Myself
    101. Zanahoria. Carrot
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