Teen Internet Habits UNCOVERED! Fake Instagram Accounts, Celeb Crush Trolling, SnapChat Sexting And More Things Your Kids Do Online

Sep 23, 2016

Celebrity Instagram trolling is a thing many teens do online. Do you know if yours ever has? Sure, they might say they are looking up a football score or checking on a homework assignment, but do you really know if they’re not on Instagram trolling a celebrity account, or an account of someone they may have a crush on? Do you know what they are doing every second they spend staring at their iPad or tapping their phone?

Probably not.

Teens spend a LOT of time using the Internet on an average day. Recent reports show that teens spend approximately 9 hours a day using media of some sort. Beyond that, a recent study by Pew Research Center found that “twenty-four percent of teens admit to going online almost constantly” and “ninety-two percent of teens report going online at least once a day.”

Which means only a measly 8% of teens can resist going online on any given day. Yikes.

Bottom line: there’s a very high chance your teen is using the Internet, and quite possibly in scary ways you are unaware of.

So what are they doing? Here’s a little spoiler alert: teens create fake Instagram accounts just to have some privacy (aka, away from their parents’ watchful eyes) online. They are posting selfies and revealing photos that you may never see. Sometimes they are sharing their location with strangers or they are stalking a potential date or school crush. And don’t even get us started on SnapChat.

Sure, it’s impossible to know what your kids are up to at all times, and with so many opportunities for kids to get into trouble online, it’s harder than ever to keep an eye on your teens. But before you panic, we’re here to help you wrap your head around the many things (some more obvious than others) that your teens are doing online. After all, the more you know, the more equipped you’ll be to protect and educate your kids.

Here are 7 ways your teens are spending their time online.

  • Making New Friends

    Thanks to social media, kids are able to have friends located around the world. If you meet someone with a shared interest who may happen to live in another city, state or country, you can still connect. It’s very different from when we were kids and you only hung out with the kids down the street. Now you can make friends near and far, and connect with friends of friends or future classmates, before you even meet face-to-face. According to Amanda Lenhart, associate director of research at the Pew Research Center and the lead author of the recent Pew Research report, “adults have tended to see time online for teenagers as this frivolous, time-wasting thing that’s just entertainment. But what [they] found is that it’s crucial for teenagers in forming and maintaining these really important relationships in their lives.”

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