Bathroom Remodel Bliss: 13 Things To Know Before Your Next Home Improvement

Sep 27, 2016
  • Set A Budget

    Know how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it as much as possible. Sometimes unexpected expenses pop up, so having some extra cash will help the project run smoothly. However, if you don’t set a budget, you’re more likely to overspend on nicer features and run out of money.  “Be real with your budget,” says John Gaskill, owner of Two Guys Tile & Design in Charlotte, N.C. “Sometimes the cheapest isn’t the best.”

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  • Plumbing Pitfalls

    While design shows make it look easy to completely rearrange your entire bathroom layout, swapping your sink and your toilet can not only be a hassle, but can cost more than you may plan for. “Usually, you start talking about a lot of money when you start moving plumbing around,” explains Janice Costa, editor of Kitchen & Bath Design News.

  • Space Savers

    If extra bathroom storage is on the top of your bathroom remodel list, experts suggest getting creative. “Hire a professional to create a shallow recessed medicine cabinet. Or have them create a tile or marble recess in the shower, one just small enough to store your shampoo bottles. That way, they don’t have to sit out on the ledge of the tub, which looks terrible,” explains Manhattan-based interior designer Nick Olsen.

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