Bathroom Remodel Bliss: 13 Things To Know Before Your Next Home Improvement

Sep 27, 2016

If your bathroom is bumming you out, a bathroom remodel may be in order.  Not surprisingly, bathrooms are the second most popular home improvement, just after kitchens – and considering the amount of time we spend in it (several hours a week, in fact), it makes sense to want to make your bathroom remodel as on-budget and stress-free as possible.

From more spacious storage to better lighting, there are tons of reasons to want to make your bathroom space the oasis of your dreams. Aside from improving your day-to-day life, did you know that a new or updated bathroom will also increase your home’s value and re-sale? According to realtor Heikki Walden, “A bathroom renovation will give you a 100 per cent return on your investment”—the highest return of any home improvement.

Okay, so now that you know it’s worth it, you’re ready to tackle your bathroom remodel. But before you take a sledgehammer to your shower, we want to give you a leg up with some helpful tips from experts in the home renovation game.

Read on for 13 things you must know about undertaking your bathroom remodel.

  • Renovation Motivation

    Do you know want to you want to accomplish with your bathroom remodel? Whether your motivators are increased space or updating features, it’s crucial to have a clear, concise vision of your new bathroom boudoir. Knowing your goals before calling contractors will help them create a better plan and design to fit your needs.

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