Your Autumn-Born Baby Is Super Human: 5 Science-Backed Reasons That Prove This

Sep 14, 2016
  • They’re at the Top of Their Class
    babies born in the fall

    If you can hold out giving birth until September 1, that bodes well for your little one academically, at least compared to those born before. A study of over 48,000 British kids by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that “kids born in September are 20 percent more likely to get into elite schools like Oxford or Cambridge than those born in August, with summer babies being at the bottom of the class. Yet again, that September 1 cut-off to school entry is probably to blame, giving older students in class the edge.”

  • They’re Usually Taller
    babies born in the fall

    If you don’t want a shorty, it looks like her autumn birth may help. One study from Bristol in Great Britain found that later-summer and early-autumn babies are slightly taller on average than kids born in the winter and spring. Because mom enjoys the final stretch of her pregnancy during summer when there’s more sun, she produces higher levels of vitamin D, which may aid in the fetus’s skeletal growth.

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