Your Autumn-Born Baby Is Super Human: 5 Science-Backed Reasons That Prove This

Sep 14, 2016
babies born in the fall

Congratulations on having a baby born in autumn! Numerous studies are pointing to the fact that babies born in the fall month -September, October or November- tend to have an advantage over others not born during the autumn months. In fact, the Daily Mail’s James Nye reported “The new research seems to confirm that the month in which you were born and the environment and temperature into which you arrive will affect your behavior, your genetics and your longevity.

To begin with, an autumn-born child has a good chance to live to be 100 or older. Researchers from the University of Chicago compared that data with the birth months and life spans of nearly 12,000 of the centenarians’ siblings and spouses.  The majority of people who lived an extra-long life were born between September and November, the researchers reported in the Journal of Aging Research. The researchers hypothesized that the large quantities of fruits and vegetables in the spring and summer months inspire pregnant women to eat better, resulting in healthier babies.

To add to this list, here are five more reasons why autumn-born babies have a superior advantage.

  • Fall Babies Are Happier
    babies born in the fall

    Not only will your child live longer, but she’ll live a longer and happier life at that. The University of Budapest found that those born in autumn show a significantly lower tendency to depressive temperament than those born in winter.  The time of year can affect how much dopamine and serotonin (those “happy chemicals”) you have in your brain, which are needed to stabilize moods. It seems spring-and summer-born babies lack as much as their counterparts born when it’s cold out, which leads to mood swings.

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