Digital Folders Fix: 7 Fun Ways To Show Off Your Photos!

Sep 12, 2016

From summer vacay pics to candid snaps of the kiddos, you love taking pictures – but do you ever get around to getting those memorable photos off your phone? Even when you do get them printed, most likely they tend to get stashed in a storage box or in a photo album that only comes out once every few years. While it’s great to share pics on Facebook and Instagram – wouldn’t it be nice if you could see the smiling faces of your friends and family around your home every day?

Instead of just stocking up on a million frames for that same old gallery wall look, why not display those precious pics in a cool way? Check out these 7 fun and creative ways to give your pics the attention they deserve!

  • Fridge magnets

    Instead of displaying your photos on the wall, why not go old school and put them on the fridge door? Photo magnets are a fun, affordable way to show off some favorite photos in the kitchen without setting out a bunch of frames that get in the way while cooking. Stick them to your fridge, a knife rack, a metallic bulletin board, you name it. There are many applications and sites that offer photo magnet printing at incredibly low prices!

  • wire gallery

    Have a big blank wall in the hallway just begging for an artistic display? Try rigging up a few rows of twine or fishing filament between small nails, then use clothespins (mini or regular size) to clip up a selection of photos.

  • Photo puzzle or Memory Game

    The kids will flip over seeing their faces on a puzzle! Make your own on an online personalized photo puzzle maker like this one. Or for even more family fun, transform your fave pics into a memory game like this!

  • Clipboard display

    Maybe you’re dreaming of the perfect gallery wall, but once you added up the cost of all those pretty framed pieces, you realize it can get pricey. Enter clipboards! Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s also much easier to swap out photos whenever the mood strikes. Pick up a few inexpensive clipboards from your local craft or dollar store, pick your favorite pics of the kids (or their artwork!) and hang with double-sided tape. The look: so cool.

  • Canvas Print

    Turning your favorite photos into a canvas print is a great way to showcase your pics and have a work of art in your home. Not only is a canvas print eye-catching, but it also makes your special moments truly feel like a “work of art”.

  • chalkboard frame

    Does it get any cuter than this?! Display your family photos in a simple and fun way by using washi tape to stick photos on a chalkboard wall. You can even customize each photo by drawing your own frame with white chalk and writing personalized descriptions!

  • Photo Calendar

    Perfect in your home office or kitchen, reflect on your favorite family moments year-round with a custom photo calendar like this DIY printable one.

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