These Are The 5 BFFs You Can’t Afford To Live Without

Aug 7, 2016

We love our friends. We love them for their quirks, mistakes, and funny personalities, and they love us back no matter what stupid things we say or do. Your girls, the clique, the squad; whatever they may be called, they are your best friends that make up your close-knit group.

We ladies like to surround ourselves with girlfriends for every occasion but what outsiders might not realize is just how different each girlfriend is from one another. Each girl has her own personality and brings something different to the table and without them, the uniqueness of your posse wouldn’t quite be the same!

With the right friends in your corner, things are just easier to handle because you’re not alone. Check out our list of the 5 BFFs you can’t afford to live without!

  1. 1. The comic relief

    The comedian of the group, she’s silly, fun, outgoing, light-hearted, and knows how to replenish any dark moments with lots of laughs. They remind the group that being wacky is fun, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Necessary to your sanity, the friend who shares your humor will never grow boring or drift from your side. You two will always share an insurmountable closeness because humor transcends just about everything!

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