Freelance Frenzy: A Mom’s Guide To The Gig Economy

Aug 26, 2016

Being a stay-at-home mom can be a great choice for your family… but not so hot for your family budget. Luckily, nowadays working from home can be a great way to generate income without sacrificing your important role as a mom. With some creativity, you can still be there to pick up your kids from school or stay home with your little ones.

The world is quickly shifting to a “gig economy”, which means more and more mamas are freelancing every year. After all, it’s hard to beat the convenience of work-from-home freelance jobs. But there’s a lot to know about running a one-person business, and all kinds of risks if it isn’t done right.  When it comes to freelancing, not only do you want to choose something, in which you have some experience and training, but you want to make enough money to make the job worth your time.

And although this type of economy has many detractors, the reality is that it is happening whether we want it or not. Long gone are the days when freelancing opportunities were available only in the writing, editing, and design fields.  Today, there has been a broadening of freelance jobs across industries and occupations.  From tutoring to social media, take a look at five of the most popular (and lucrative!) gigs that you can do without leaving home.

  1. virtual assistant

    Finally, a way to get paid for your multitasking and organizational skills! Virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home and focus on administrative tasks for their bosses, similar to those of an on-site executive assistant or secretary. Entrepreneurs are using virtual assistants more each day for everything from making customer service calls to scheduling their day.

  2. Writing

    Freelance, flexible, and part-time writing positions are great for stay-at-home moms looking to make money on the side. Whether you focus on financial writing, advertising, blogging, or something else, good freelance writers are “hot” right now, and can make about $55 an hour, depending on the assignment. However, keep in mind that there are tons of low-paying freelance writing gigs out there – so hone your skills and do your research so you don’t end up making a lot less than you should.

  3. Translation

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 46 percent increase in translation job opportunities between 2012 and 2022—much higher than the 11 percent average growth for all careers.

    If you’re lucky enough to know two (or more) languages, there are plenty of translation gigs out there for you! Translating to and from Korean pays well, as does Spanish-English translation, but there are opportunities for almost every language combination you could have. Make anywhere from $25 to $40 an hour, depending on the task, your skill level, and the languages involved.

  4. Virtual Tutor

    Today, many parents are opting for their children to get tutored online, rather than driving them to and from physical tutoring centers.

    For students, the most helpful feature of the online tutoring service is its flexibility. Students have anywhere, anytime access and the ability to schedule live sessions when it is convenient for them, a great asset for adult learners who may be juggling family and job responsibilities along with their academic work. Students can sign up to work with particular tutors, which personalizes the experience for distance education students.

    Take advantage of the growing trend by signing up with an online tutoring website to be a virtual tutor. While some jobs will require prior teaching experience, others will work well for people with good communication skills and a dedication to customer service.

  5. Social Media Specialist

    With billions of people around the globe checking into some kind of social network, it makes sense that an increasing number of businesses are looking to capitalize. The role of a social media specialist is to maintain and expand a client’s social networking presence, by posting relevant info and gaining new followers. While those new to the field may charge $15 per hour initially, the cost keeps going higher with experience, with a huge majority of social media experts, also known as community managers charging as much as $250/hour! Who knew all of that Facebook time would come in handy?!

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