Finally! Pregnancy Emojis Just For Us!

Aug 15, 2016

From the heart eyes face to the dancing lady duo, Emojis have become a way of life for most of us. But while the iconic keyboard offers cute little animals, junk foods, international currencies, and heart symbols, have you ever noticed the pregnancy and family emojis are kind of lacking?

That’s where EmojiMom (iTunes, $1.99) comes in. It’s a brand-new phone app, developed by three real-life moms, with a keyboard of more than 250 motherhood-inspired emojis. From breastfeeding woes like pumping in a public restroom to the mesh panties and nipple cream needed post-delivery, the app hilariously depicts the feelings and frustrations of pregnant and postpartum mothers. The keyboard also offers adorable images that compare the size of a growing baby to different fruit and vegetables…aww!

Sarah Robinson, who co-founded the app with friends Natalie Ralston and Hannah Hudson says, “Our main goal with this is for moms to feel understood and to feel like they can have a means of expressing what they’re going through to other moms. We want to make people laugh. And, make them feel understood,” said Robinson. “I’m glad I have EmojiMom to reach out to new moms. Nothing says, ‘I get it,’ like a mesh underwear emoji.”

Check out the video below to take a peek at the new emojis that get real about pregnancy and motherhood. Indeed, when words fail (as they often do for sleep-deprived parents), these emojis may be a great means of communication. You won’t remember how you ever texted without them! Bravo, EmojiMom!

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