Children’s Books Of The Month: Our Top 5 August Picks

Aug 2, 2016

This August, we’ve rounded up a fun and educational variety of books to keep the little ones entertained. From celebrating National Dog Day to learning about equality for women, enjoy our top 5 children’s books of the month of August!

  1. Little Miss, Big Sis, Ages 4-6

    By Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Peter H. Reynolds

    In this adorable book about becoming a big sibling, Little Miss anticipates the momentous arrival of a new baby – and then experiences the wonders of being a big sis. New York Times bestselling team Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Peter H. Reynolds have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind ode to the best big sisters everywhere!

  2. I Could Do That!, Ages 7-9

    With lively text and humorous illustrations as full of spirit as Esther herself, this striking picture book biography shows how one girl’s gumption propels her through a life filled with challenges until, in 1869, she wins the vote for women in Wyoming Territory – the first time ever in the United States!

  3. Forgive Me Please, Ages 8-10

    By Serena Bryan

    This short story on forgiveness is a great way for parents and children to talk about the value and virtue of forgiveness and the damage that anger can cause. After Ken is hurt by his friend Jack, he is now faced with two choices: to forgive or not to forgive. Forgive Me Please is a children’s book that is also great for adults, takes children and parents through the ups and downs of life.

  4. The Dog Who Loved Tortillas, Ages 6-10

    By Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Geronimo Garcia

    What better way to celebrate National Dog Day than reading a book with your little one and furry one? In this bilingual book, Little Diego and his big sister Gabriela argue over their new dog Sofie. She belongs to me, says Diego. No, she’s mine, says Gabriela. It’s only when Sofie gets really sick that they find out who their tortilla-loving pup really belongs to. Once again, Benjamin Alire Sáenz shows he understands the chemistry and dynamics of family, this time with a dog stirring up the recipe.

  5. Thank You, Angels, Ages 4-8

    By Doreen Virtue, Kristina Tracy, Patricia Keeler

    Best-selling author and “angel lady” Doreen Virtue has written her first book for children! Thank You, Angels! introduces young children to the world of angels and teaches them how these heavenly beings can help them in many ways. Kids will learn how to ask an angel for help, how to recognize an angel’s voice, and what signs angels may use to let kids know that they’re there. This book offers children a sense of comfort and peace by showing them that they’re never alone.

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