9 More Reasons To Include Avocados In Your Daily Menu

Aug 20, 2016

Forget having an apple a day – if you want to stay healthy, it might be worth introducing an avocado a day! Packed with nutrients and heart-healthy compounds, avocados are not only a versatile fruit, but are also one of the best foods you can eat. These little green gems can do so much to help keep you well from head to toe, they’re considered one of nature’s little miracles.

Fans of the rich and creamy green fruit have long preached about avocados’ health benefits. For starters, they contain high levels of vitamin E, iron and potassium. And though unusually for a fruit, they contain fat, that fat is mainly the monosaturated type, which is said to help lower so-called “bad” cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Loaded with fiber, one avocado contains 36% of the daily requirement of vitamin K, 30% of the folate, and 20% each of the daily requirements of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5, needed to break down carbohydrates), vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium – more than twice the potassium of a banana.

Whether you slice them, dice them or mash them, there are plenty of yummy ways to get your avocado fix! From heart health to constipation, here are 9 more reasons why you should include avocados in your daily menu:

  • Manage Weight


    Surprisingly, eating avocados may actually help you lose weight! A recent study found that eating just half an avocado with lunch helped overweight people feel satisfied and full for longer after eating. Participants reported a 40% less desire to eat over a three hour period, and a 28% less desire over a five hour period after the meal. They were also more satisfied after their meal and had less desire to snack!



    An ounce of avocado contains 81 micrograms of lutein, along with zeaxanthin, two phytonutrients which are essential to eye health. These act as antioxidants in the eye, lowering risk of developing age-related eye conditions. Also, adding avocados to your daily diet can protect the tissues of the eye from sun damage and the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration.


    According to WebMD, avocados are a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, which may actually help to raise levels of HDL (“good”cholesterol) while lowering levels of LDL (“bad” cholesterol).

  • Pregnancy


    According to recent studies and experts on pregnancy topics, avocados are a great choice for mamas-to-be. This potent superfood contains a significant amount of folic acid, which is essential to preventing birth defects like spina bifida and neural tube defects.

  • Regulates blood sugar

    Avocados’ high levels of monounsaturated fats can help stop insulin resistance, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the soluble fiber in avocados can help keep blood sugar levels steady. In comparison to other fruits, the low carb and sugar levels in avocados also help maintain blood sugar. This is backed up by the experts at Prevention.com

  • Skincare


    We all know that avocados are great for an easy DIY facial mask, but do you know why? Major bonus besides the low price tag: no chemicals or other bogus ingredients, just all-natural, good stuff for a most beautiful you! And while the vitamin C and vitamin E in avocados help keep skin nourished and glowing, the skincare benefits don’t stop there. The healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants in avocados can also improve your skin from the inside out.

  • Protects Heart

    The health benefits of avocados include a healthier heart. Rich in vitamin E, avocados are one of the best sources of healthful fats that you can find. Research studies suggest that the intake of avocado may protect your heart from atherosclerosis vascular disease and their levels of potassium also make avocados a powerful fruit in the fight against hypertension.

  • Dental Care

    Consumption of avocados also helps in preventing stinky breath, which is primarily caused due to indigestion or an upset stomach. Halitosis can be eliminated by improving digestive health, and the antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids found in avocados also kill the bacteria in your mouth that can result in bad breath. Avocados have also been connected with preventing oral cancers! Is this fruit marvelous or what?

  • Constipation

    Despite their creamy texture, avocados are actually a high fiber food, with 8 grams of both soluble and insoluble fiber per cup of the fresh fruit. This fiber is beneficial for improving digestion, encouraging regular bowel movements and well known to help prevent constipation. In fact, avocados are often recommended as a mild laxative for people having trouble going to the toilet.

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